Start construction

General contractor or subcontractor

Building a house is a difficult logistical operation, especially since most of us are trying to build their houses solidly but sparingly. To help you decide which form of construction you should choose, the best solution is to firstly decide if you should all the work outsourced to one company or it is better idea to employ some subcontractors. We present the basic system construction and their advantages and disadvantages.

Your own construction

In such case only you decide what kind of building materials to buy. You decide about their quality and supplier. Part of the construction work we carry out alone. To the more complicated tasks you employ subcontractors. This is the cheapest way to build a house but you have to be aware that it is not easy to conduct all works on your own. You need to have knowledge in the field of construction, relevant skills and you need to have a considerable amount of free time. The building work this method usually stretches over time.


General contractor

It is way of building a house you decide to give general construction work to one general contractor. That he cares about the material, facilities construction and construction safety. The general contractor must meet deadlines, has expert knowledge and skilled workers. It is the most expensive way of building, but it saves time and gives a guarantee of quality. Before signing the contract you should always check the credentials and experience of the general contractor.

Contractor system

In this system you supply building materials but to the specific work you employ specialized teams. This system is more expensive than self- build, but cheaper than the work of the general contractor. There also requires our continuous monitoring and presence on the site. The works at the construction perform specialists, so their quality is satisfactory. The downside, however, is that if one contractor fails to meet the deadline, the remaining steps also a delay.