Select of house designs

House designs that you can choose

When you decide to build a house, the first step is to buy a plot, the second thing is purchase of house design. While buying a house design you can choose one of two solutions:

– buy an already made house design- currently on the market is available a wide variety of projects planned for almost every type of plot, having different sizes and different number of storeys.

– outsource the project- sometimes, when the plot has very irregular shape or if the future owners of the house have a precise vision about the house, the best idea is to prepare completely new project from scratch, according to the guidelines of the owners.

Of course, outsource the project and create it from scratch is usually more expensive than buying an already made project. On the other hand, many architectural offices that sell ready- made designs offers the possibility to adapt them to the needs of a particular parcel.

House design must be adapt to the plot

You should remember that house design always have to be adapt to the plot. The problems could appear when our plot is extremely narrow and it required specific kind of project. So, while buying house design you should pay attention on the building dimensions, otherwise you can have a situations, where the building will occupy the entire plot and leaves no space for garden. You should also remember about legal requirements that clearly define how far from the border may be the wall of the building- for this reason it is necessary to prepare a draft development of the plot.