Remember about all formalities

Notifications and permits- all about building formalities

Latest changes in the construction law have made the formalities associated with the start of construction much easier. However, it didn’t reduce formalities- now they are move to the final stage of construction.

While starting the construction the following paperwork should be completed:

1. Buy a plot or have legal document whereby you can dispose it- this will be required in the application for the construction.

2. Buy house design and adapt it to your plot, create a construction plan- it is required to every construction.

3. Submit application at the district office building- it must contain two previously mentioned documents.

4. Get confirmation of access to a public road- this is not a mandatory document, but in many cases it may be essential to avoid a situation in which it turns out that you do not have your own transport to the plot.

5. Get the documents of connecting electricity, sewerage, water supply, etc.- These documents are not required for the application but they will be required when you will be putting the investment into operation, so you should take care of it already in advance.