Reconstruction of the attic- how to start

With good design of the attic, we can create in this space functional and comfortable apartment. How to do it? On this website you will find written out step by step the whole process of renovation – Since the plan for its implementation.

How much should be window area in the attic?

This is definitely a frequently ask question. The attic should be cozy space where you can create bedrooms or house offices. According to the technical conditions in the attic room designed to accommodate people, window area in the light of the frames shall not be less than 1/8 of the floor surface. In another words, within the size of 80 square meters should be installed roof windows with a total area of glazing of minimum of 10 m². Also located of the windows depend on the function of the rooms. The more windows, the more light flows into the rooms and they are more functional. But remember, they should be warm and energy efficient windows, otherwise the room will always be cold because the heat will run away from the building.

More light, more light

The way to enter to every room in the attic a larger amount of light can also be an installation of highlights under the window. It is very popular solution. Highlights are not opened. These mounted above the roof window can be semi-circular, triangular, rectangular and refer to the design of the elevation to create coherent conception of the building.