Blocked drains in the house

Clogged sewage pipe is a common problem in houses. Especially this situation happens in the kitchen, but can also occur in the bathroom.

What could clog pipes?

Food residues in the sewage system could cased such situation but any other wastes also. To the accumulation of dirt occurs when long sewer levels are small declines. Another problem is too far away from sinks downpipes.

Agata: ‘I decided to call a plumber to my tap in the kitchen, it was specialist from website – Specialist primarily put on a safe method which is the use of chemicals. Chemicals work very aggressively dissolving any dirt in its path. Of course, they must be used carefully, and after filling a quantity of substance is necessary to rinse with water. The chemical method has proved successful and after several minutes the plumber could end their work.’

Reconstruction of the attic- how to start

With good design of the attic, we can create in this space functional and comfortable apartment. How to do it? On this website you will find written out step by step the whole process of renovation – Since the plan for its implementation.

How much should be window area in the attic?

This is definitely a frequently ask question. The attic should be cozy space where you can create bedrooms or house offices. According to the technical conditions in the attic room designed to accommodate people, window area in the light of the frames shall not be less than 1/8 of the floor surface. In another words, within the size of 80 square meters should be installed roof windows with a total area of glazing of minimum of 10 m². Also located of the windows depend on the function of the rooms. The more windows, the more light flows into the rooms and they are more functional. But remember, they should be warm and energy efficient windows, otherwise the room will always be cold because the heat will run away from the building.

More light, more light

The way to enter to every room in the attic a larger amount of light can also be an installation of highlights under the window. It is very popular solution. Highlights are not opened. These mounted above the roof window can be semi-circular, triangular, rectangular and refer to the design of the elevation to create coherent conception of the building.

The methods most commonly used to heat water

Plumber installing water system may use different ways to heat water.

Methods for heating the water in water installations

a) First of all, the water heater can be specially designed as the heaters mounted in the individual batteries. The advantage of this solution is the fact that the hot water is obtained only when we need it and thus save.

b) Another option is to heat water in one, central point in the house. From such boiler a hot water is distributed to individual rooms. Water must be heated all the time and the type of boiler should be properly adjust to the amount of people living in the house and the size of the building.

How to perform installation to have hot water available immediately, no matter at what point in your house?

You should use well- planned network of pipes. First of all, the house encircles the pipe system with cold water. Next to them should be mounted pipes with warm water. Thanks to that solution we can constantly enjoy the warm water at any time. More about the plumbing matters you can find at – plumber london.

Help for those of us who lost keys to the car

People who get lost keys to the car should not panic. There is a solution.

1. You can get into the vehicle using the skills of a locksmith. Emergency door replacement assistance in emergencies such as accidental snapping a car or just lost the key.

2. Locksmith will not only opening the car but it can remove the lock and insert in its place a new, of course this is possible only if we have a lock replacement.

3. Otherwise, we have discontinued the vehicle in a safe place and make the necessary repairs after buying a lock.